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Buying Furniture In Japan


Buying Furniture In Japan

B-Company is a relatively new Japanese furniture/interior decoration store chain that first opened in 2006. Their stores are located mostly in and around the Tokyo area such as Ebisu, Ikebukuro, Kichijo-ji, and Yokohama, with one exception being the Osaka store.

Francfranc(フランフラン) is another very popular interior decoration store chain in Japan that also has furniture in their line-up. Its first store opened in 1992 in Tokyo, and since then, it has grown in popularity, especially among young adults. There are over 120 stores across Japan, and they even have 7 stores in Hong Kong.

Their furniture and items in Francfranc are usually in pastel colors, which adds a soft and gentle look to your room; thus being especially popular among young female adults. Its unique designs in not only furniture but also in its interior decorations will add an accent to your room if needed.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere in your new home is something that all of us desire, and furniture selection is an important part of making that a reality. I really hope this article helped in any way for you to find the kind of furniture design that you have in mind.

Even though it will take considerable time to arrive and cost a bit for shipping, the main benefit of bringing furniture from your home country is that you will be able to spend everyday in your home comfortably. If you are considering bringing large sized furniture from your home country, before shipping it to Japan, we highly recommend that you check the size of each room in advance and whether or not the furniture can pass through the door of the apartment which you plan to rent.

As you will be without furniture for some time while you wait for your furniture to arrive, you can furnish your home temporarily by renting furniture on a short-term bases. You can rent complete sets of tableware and bedding as well as furniture and appliances so that you can start a life in Japan immediately.

You can rent all necessary furniture and appliances from a furniture lease company. Such furniture lease companies carry furniture and appliances suited for European and American lifestyle and provide English-speaking services. Many foreign companies use the services of these furniture lease companies to prepare furniture for their employees who will be staying in Japan long-term.

Furniture leasing companies help you prepare all the necessary items for your daily life such as furniture, curtains, lightings, appliances, bedding, and so on. They will also explain how to use the appliances in English.

Once you either move back to your home country, or wish to change your furniture, they will take care of the leased furniture upon the end of your stay, so you do not have to worry about disposing of it.

Many expats who purchased furniture during their stay in Japan want to sell their furniture and appliances when leaving Japan. This means that in order for them to avoid having to pay disposals fees for any furniture or appliances, many items are sold quite cheaply.

SAYONARA Sale is a popular term expats use to sell their furniture and other goods when leaving Japan and usually means that the items are being sold cheaply. There are a few websites with foreign communities that have bulletin boards where you can search items for sale or sell your items.

Tokyo Lease Corporation has a wide selection of new and used furniture to choose from. The styles of furniture they carry are designed with foreign customers in mind. Their selections include European styles, large-sized, modern, and traditional Japanese furniture. If you would like to try the furniture or see it in person before you make a decision, they have a showroom near Tokyo Tower.

Interiors Inc. was launched in 2011 and offers high-quality luxurious furniture. They provide their furniture to large companies, hospitals, theaters, libraries, commercial buildings, universities, residences etc. You can visit their showroom in Minam


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