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Residential gates/fence often gets faded and dull over time due to exposure to weathering.


Dull and faded are the last words we want to still in to our emotions and mood, especially during this CMCO period.


With only a minimum of 2 layers, you are able to restore the color by applying the topcoat layer on your fence with Like Armour Anti Rust Clear Protective Coating to have them look like new again, improving the look and market value of your property!


Like Armour has helped thousands of contractors, welders, fabricators, architects, interior designers and homeowners to restore their oxidised and faded fence, façade, windows, sculptures, and architectural steel structures for over 33 years.


Like Armour Anti Rust features and benefits:

- Excellent adhesion tested by Sirim with zero detachment recorded.

- Provides UV protection

- Fast drying time : 7.46 minutes

- Easy and simple application.




Contact +6016 - 218 6234 for further information

Or visit

for online purchase, or you may walk-in to di DIY Malaya, Malakat Mall , Cyberjaya.


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